60 Comfy Coastal Living Room Furniture Decor Ideas

Comfy Coastal Living Room Furniture Decor Ideas (51)

Coastal home décor is all about bringing outside elements—inside. Distressed wood finishes warm up the cool blues and whites of traditional coast décor and give your living room a sturdy, anchored feeling. While a coastal living room is meant to be airy, it still needs to feel grounded. Distressed wooden furniture, picture frames, and even bowls nicely balance the crisp cleanliness of white wood finishes.

What’s not to love about the sweet creatures of the sea? Decorating your coastal living room may be one of the only times, outside of your childhood bedroom, that it’s OK to decorate with an abundance of animal décor. Whether you’re in love with starfish, sea turtles, octopi, or seagulls, it’s time to bring your favorite seafaring friends home!

Are you dying to infuse the look and feel of summer into your home year-round? Bring coastal style to your living room with these 60 inspirational design ideas, whether you’re by the sea or not.

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