70 Gorgeous Bathroom Shelves and Organization Ideas

Gorgeous Bathroom Shelves and Organization Ideas (70)

Bathrooms aren’t really “living spaces” and most bathrooms are small and rarely have enough storage space, especially if your home doesn’t have a linen closet. It is really a great challenge to create extra storage for bathroom, compared with other space in the home. So never overlook and waste any space in your bathroom to create the additional space for storage, including the the space over the standard toilet tank.

Instead of having towels, bathroom supplies, decorative or functional, lying all over the place, keep them looking neat and convenient to reach by creating these stylish shelves over the toilet. Bring country elegance to your bathroom with this wood open over-the-toilet spacesaver shelving unit.

Here we have lots of both decorative and function over-the-toilet storage & organization ideas to flue your creativity. Browse through all these inspirations and make that often wasted area above the toilet useful with our tips and ideas.

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