85 Beautiful French Country Living Room Ideas

Beautiful French Country Living Room Ideas (73)

We all know that French is a lot of famous for a wide variety of lifestyle that is luxurious and attractive. But not only that, French also introduces a unique, attractive and elegant home designs. Especially for the living room is also made as good as possible and as unique as possible in order to serve as an example for the devotees of design. One of French living room style design also capable of providing inspiration for us who want to design our living room.

Classic French living room style design that we can see this, this design really looks of a model, used furniture and motifs that exist. The first is the overall design is white with a slight accent pastel-colored wood. On the upper side of the roof, made like a classic carving that adorns the entire roof. Classic chandelier chosen to illuminate the living room is also a classic French design adds to the living room is more perfect. A mocha brown color curtain that unfolds is suitable also for this design.

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